Add Extra Layers of Security on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a social media app used to connect people globally through the internet. A mobile number is used to be registered on WhatsApp. But when you use this most popular app, you should be vigilant about security so that no one should hack your WhatsApp. That’s why you should use extra layers of Security on WhatsApp. This article will teach you which security features you can use to keep your app safe and sound.

Types of Extra Layers of Security on WhatsApp

Following are the types of extra layers of security on WhatsApp which should be used to make your app safe and sound.

Two Step Verification

Two-step verification protects your app as a bodyguard. When you enable two-step verification, You have to add a strong password and a backup email. Whenever you log in to your WhatsApp ID with your registered mobile number, You’ve to enter your Password and a password, which will be sent to your provided email address. In this way, no one can hack your WhatsApp. You can enable two-step verification by opening Settings. Now, click on Account and enable Two-step verification by clicking on it.

Chat Lock

Chat lock is a new feature that WhatsApp has introduced. In this feature, you can lock specific chats. Whenever you want to open a selected chat, you have to enter a password or finger lock to open that chat. In this way, if someone hacks your WhatsApp, they cannot read chats. This feature makes your conversations more safe and secure.

Linked Devices

Open Settings in your Whatsapp and click on Linked Devices. You can see all devices currently logged into your account. Any unknown device is a red flag. Log out of doubtful access instantly, and consider changing your two-step verification PIN.

Strong Passwords

It would be best to always use strong passwords for your phone’s lock screen and email (used for two-step verification). You should avoid using easily guessable patterns or birthdays and consider a password manager for extra security.

Be Careful for Phishing

Phishing scams can target you through WhatsApp. Be careful of doubtful messages, specifically those promising different rewards or asking to provide personal information. Don’t click on any links, and report such messages to WhatsApp.

Always Update Your Android Device and WhatsApp

Keep your Android and WhatsApp updated with the latest security features. These updates constantly protect your phone from hacking with the help of new security features. Therefore, it minimizes security risk and adds an extra security layer to your WhatsApp.

It would be best to remember that security is a multi-layered castle. Enforcing these procedures can significantly improve your WhatsApp experience and protect your conversations from unwanted eyes. Keep your chats safe and private, and enjoy the peace of mind. You can ask us in the comments section if you have any questions regarding this article. We will always be here for your help.

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